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by the same authors:

Eat Like You Care: An Examination of the Morality of Eating Animals (Exempla Press 2013)

Animal Rights: The Abolitionist Approach (Exempla Press 2016)

by Prof. Gary L. Francione:

The  Animal  Rights  Debate:  Abolition  or  Regulation?  (with  Robert Garner) (Columbia University Press 2010)

Animals  as  Persons:  Essays  on  the  Abolition  of  Animal  Exploitation (Columbia University Press 2008)

Introduction  to  Animal  Rights:  Your  Child  or  the  Dog? (Temple University Press 2000)

Rain Without Thunder: The Ideology of the Animal Rights Movement (Temple University Press 1996)

Animals, Property and the Law (Temple University Press 1995)

by Prof. Gary Steiner:

Animals  and  the  Moral  Community: Mental  Life,  Moral  Status,  and Kinship (Columbia University Press 2008)

On nutrition and medical topics
We find Joel Fuhrman, M.D. to be the single most reliable source of nutritional and medical information relating to a plant-based diet. Dr. Fuhrman approaches the issue from a health perspective and not from the perspective of animal ethics. You can find his books and other educational materials at

Practical information about veganism
Our website will orient you in terms of the practical aspects of going vegan, not just with respect to diet, but also with respect to eliminating animal use as much as possible from all other aspects of your life. Additionally, this resource will help you understand veganism according to the perspective of animal ethics that we have developed over the years, which we refer to as the Abolitionist Approach to Animal Rights.

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