"This is an indispensable handbook for all vegans who want to learn about the most effective ways to communicate with people, without theatrics, or heaps of money, and most importantly without aggression (the hall mark of much campaigning within the animal movement), from two of the most experienced, active and radical voices in animal rights. In this book Francione and Charlton share insights gleaned in several decades of doing this work in a variety of ways, including example conversations, which allow the reader insights into how to respectfully steer a conversation through the major arguments, handling the most common responses. They also include the insights of other animal advocates from all over the world, which provide a comprehensive overview of Abolitionist advocacy experience. There are also chapters on how to handle family and friends, and how to advocate in poorer communities, as well as more technical matters, like how to spot and challenge (politely) bad arguments (logical fallacies). The book focusses quite heavily on America, but it is quite easy to see how it would apply in different cultures - and this is where 'on the ground' advocates come in - because it's best to speak to people where they are at, in a way that resonates with them, while always keeping the message (veganism is a moral imperative) non-aggressive and non-discriminatory.

This book is tremendously exciting, and it will make you want to get advocating straight away - and the good news is that you can: speak to your neighbour, your friends, write a blog, get on twitter or facebook, make a video, make art.... because speciesism and animal use are so prevalent, there is no end to the opportunities to challenge them! Happy advocacy!"