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"A fantastic, clear and concise animal rights book about how to educate others about veganism. Really an absolute must read for all vegans. I am fortunate and thankful to have a small contribution in this book and even though I'd already consider myself a reasonably well schooled abolitionist vegan educator I found reading this book extremely valuable.

The information and advice included, as well as from other advocates around the world was great and provided new ideas, learning, insight and motivation.

Gary Francione, Anna Charlton and all of those who helped bring this book to life have provided another great resource to help and motivate animal advocates in the cause to educate people about veganism as a moral imperative. This book lays out very clearly that the grassroots abolitionist vegan movement is about selfless activism in the form of creative non-violent vegan education for justice for animals. And how to do it.

This book is indeed the essential handbook on how to promote veganism and justice for animals.

I also highly recommend reading the authors other books - Eat Like You Care: An Examination of the Morality of Eating Animals and Animal Rights: The Abolitionist Approach."

"Unbelievable.There's nothing like it. If you care about animals, you need to read this book. It will teach you that YOU can make a difference and YOU can help animals !"

"With just a little effort, it is easy to become an effective vegan advocate. This guide tells you everything you need to know in terms of how, where and when to speak up for nonhuman persons, and what to say when opportunities occur to talk to others about veganism.

Nonviolent, creative Abolitionist vegan education can be done anywhere, any time. This book offers dozens of examples. It is an excellent reference for anyone who wants to help shift the paradigm from animal exploitation to one of recognizing the moral personhood of all sentient beings. It explains clearly why we are obligated to be vegan if we think animals matter, and how to communicate that to others so they will want to be vegan too.

The possibilities for advocacy work are limitless; restricted only by our imaginations. The Abolitionist Approach works, and the time for a substantial, grassroots effort is now. It does not require a lot of money, superior talent or becoming involved with large charity organizations. All that it requires is that we care enough to participate in any way we can, and we can get started right now."

"This book is a must read for everyone who is serious about advocating for animals!

There are many well-meaning people out there who care about animals, and want to speak up on their behalf but not exactly sure how to do it right. This brand new book by esteemed longterm vegan educators, Professor Francione and Professor Carlton shows the way. The clarity, the logic and the consistency of writing makes this book a brilliant helping tool for all of us, abolitionist vegan educators and to all future abolitionist vegan educators as well. What a wonderful handbook to have and to share with others.

Thank you wholeheartedly for writing it! It was a much needed book and it will be well-used, there is no doubt about that. Excellent!

"This is a remarkable book. You've gone vegan and want to get active? Then read this. Francione and Charlton are able to convey clearly and simply ethical and philosophical concepts and relate them to how they can be used in your activism. The chapter discussing veganism, poverty, food deserts and activism alone is worth the price of this book."

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"When abolitionist vegan advocacy isn't being ignored by the mainstream animal movement, it's being castigated as unrealistic, utopian, and impractical. "Abolitionists don't actually do anything," they claim. "How could vegan advocacy really change the world?", they skeptically ask.

Well, this book contains the answer.

Advocate For Animals is dense but highly readable, equal parts harrowing and inspiring, and demonstrates remarkable humaneness and compassion in a movement where those words have lost meaning. Most importantly, the book is overflowing with concrete, actionable guidance for advocates at any stage in their development. If Advocate For Animals receives even a fraction of the readership it ought to receive, it could bring about the next stage in a peaceful moral revolution for humanity.

Please read this book and share it with others."

"Just finished reading this book. It is just fantastic. A coherent, consistent and clear abolitionist vegan message. I highly recommend it. The book is easy to read, even for people that are not used to reading animal rights theory. Gary Francione and Anna Charlton have written a book that is going to change the paradigm from animals as property to animals as persons. It is powerful!"

"I strongly recommend this book! I couldn't stop reading! Examples of real conversations, the basic concepts, how to identify logical fallacies, etc... it gives you everything you need to promote veganism. Everybody should read it. Thank you!"

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"What a wonderful book! It answers so many questions for those who want to advocate for the animals but have some doubts as to how certain sensitive questions should be handled. It is so inspiring that it will make you want to get out there and start speaking up immediately for our non human friends and with complete confidence! Thank you Gary and Anna for all that you do and for this wonderful and newest addition to the very important books you’ve already written for the animals.

I got your book as soon as it was available on kindle because I liked your other two books a lot. I tried the approach that you describe with my dad who was complaining about big game hunters. I asked him why those animals mattered and the ones he ate didn't matter. At first, he said that it was because the hunted animals are endangered. So I pointed out that not all are endangered and asked would it be okay if there were more of them? He said no and we talked about being vegan for about an hour. That's the longest we ever have done that. I got him thinking. Thanks to you!!"

"Great book. Tons of info. It has given me lots of ideas about how to do what I have been wanting to do for ages!

Got the paperback three days ago and read it cover to cover. There is nothing like this out there. I have been trying to figure out how I fit into advocacy. I now understand. I am already starting to follow your advice. I had two discussions yesterday and both went really well. I've not done things like that before because I didn't know how to start. I really appreciate the info on trying to get veganism into lower income communities. I live in one of those communities and it's about time that someone cared enough to say something practical and useful about those communities and not just grandstand. I am excited about this book.Thanks for taking the time and doing it."

"This is an indispensable handbook for all vegans who want to learn about the most effective ways to communicate with people, without theatrics, or heaps of money, and most importantly without aggression (the hall mark of much campaigning within the animal movement), from two of the most experienced, active and radical voices in animal rights. In this book Francione and Charlton share insights gleaned in several decades of doing this work in a variety of ways, including example conversations, which allow the reader insights into how to respectfully steer a conversation through the major arguments, handling the most common responses. They also include the insights of other animal advocates from all over the world, which provide a comprehensive overview of Abolitionist advocacy experience. There are also chapters on how to handle family and friends, and how to advocate in poorer communities, as well as more technical matters, like how to spot and challenge (politely) bad arguments (logical fallacies). The book focusses quite heavily on America, but it is quite easy to see how it would apply in different cultures - and this is where 'on the ground' advocates come in - because it's best to speak to people where they are at, in a way that resonates with them, while always keeping the message (veganism is a moral imperative) non-aggressive and non-discriminatory.

This book is tremendously exciting, and it will make you want to get advocating straight away - and the good news is that you can: speak to your neighbour, your friends, write a blog, get on twitter or facebook, make a video, make art.... because speciesism and animal use are so prevalent, there is no end to the opportunities to challenge them! Happy advocacy!"

"This book completely blew me away. There's been a real need for a book on doing real vegan advocacy. That book has finally arrived. I got it last Friday and read over the weekend. I am already starting to use your suggestions and it's totally working!!"

"Fantastic. This really is a handbook. It's so clear and has tons of ideas. I only discovered the abolitionist position about a year ago but it's clear to me that it's the only thing that will work. Anyone can be an effective vegan advocate now. Thanks!"

"I just finished reading Advocate for Animals! It was great! So easy to read and with all the arguments laid out in a very accessible way. I highly recommend."

"Although written for those knowledgeable about Abolitionist Veganism, Advocate for Animals offers concise and precise definitions, outlines basic principles of Abolitionist Veganism, and provides excellent examples for educating others. The examples for education are taken from experiences from around the world highlighting that this is an international/global movement. Examples are very practical. The book is understandable and well written. The authors emphasize the need for empathy, compassion and non-violence. The explanation of the basic principles as well as examples of education in and of themselves provide education to the novice. An excellent book that enhances commitment to advocating for animals."

"Yet another fantastic and very much needed book by Profs. Francione and Charlton! It's a must-read for anyone who is eager to become an effective advocate for animal rights, yet doesn't know where and how to start. The rational foundation and practical advices this book offers are an outstanding source of inspiration for people to come up with their own creative, peaceful method of educating others about veganism as moral baseline."

"This book is totally fantastic. You have helped me to develop a voice and have the confidence I need to talk to people about the thing that is most important to me--animals. I am a shy person by nature and I really became anxious as soon as a discussion started but no more. You two fixed that! Thank you from me and all the animals I am helping!"