Webinar -- Advocate for Animals: Your Advocacy Questions

The fifth Abolitionist Approach Webinar, held on 30th December 2017. Alan O'Reilly asks Profs. Charlton and Francione your questions about advocacy.

(Audio becomes mostly clear once the questions start.)

WVS II 2016 Grassroots Vegan Advocacy Workshop (Full-length)

World Vegan Summit II July 29-31 2016 Berkeley, California Grassroots Vegan Advocacy Workshop (Full-length presentation)

Commentary #19: Talking With Non-Vegans About Veganism: Five Principles

In this Commentary, Prof. Gary L. Francione discusses the topic about how to talk with non-vegans about veganism and presents five general principles:

1. People are good at heart.

2. People are not stupid.

3. Do not get defensive; respond, don't react.

4. Do not get frustrated. Education is hard work.

5. Learn the basics. You have to be a student first before you become a teacher.